About Choosing a Contractor!
The Most Important Step to a Successful Water Feature!


How to choose your Contractor?
Here are some questions to ask before hiring your contractor.

    • Is the contractor insured?
    • Are their employees trained professionals at what they do?
    • Does the contractor use written contracts?
    • Does the contractor provide an itemized estimate of materials, equipment and labour so you know exactly what you are paying for?
    • Can your contractor visualize what your desires are?
    • Ask to see the work at some of their water feature locations!
    • Ask for references! Phone their references!
    • Will the contractor be available after the installation to resolve any problems?(How long have they been in business?)

Choose your Contractor carefully. These questions are to help you choose a water feature contractor and help discourage the number of water features Blue Planet has to replace each year. Some years, up to 80% of Blue Planet's work was replacing others' poor installations.
Please, choose your contractor carefully so this does not happen to you! 





Don't Let This Happen To You!



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